Our bottle is ideal for the everyday on the go person

Keeping It Hot & Classy

Cold for upto 24 hours, hot for upto 12 hours.


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Meet the babyPACS Flask

babyPACS Flask allows you to carry liquids of your choice and have it accessible when needed. Why wait for the waiter at a restaurant to serve you hot water to be able to warm up your children’s milk as they are screaming away? The babyPACS Flask is designed to conveniently fit in any diaper or travel bag.

Designed For All
Sleek. Cute. Cuddly. Warm up milk or stay hydrated, it does it all.
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Why babyPACS?


The babyPACS Flask is double vacuum insulated & gives parents the convenience of carrying hot & cold liquids without the headache of worrying about any spills. As parents, we know how important it is to have access to hot water in a moment’s notice to heat their baby milk bottles. The babyPACS  flask is designed to conveniently fit in any diaper or travel bag.

Chic Designs

As professionals and parents, we need the items we carry to elude that sophistication chic look.  We do not want to carry anything too “baby-ish”, and therefore made the designs super cute and classy.  It is also super cute for non-parents! 

Go Green and Save Money

Let’s keep this planet safe for our children and future grandchildren.  The added bonus of not wasting plastic and instead use our babyPACS to carry your liquids on the go. Added plus is you save $$$!! Once your baby grows up, you can continue to use your bottle for your tea and coffee!


Made With Love

Our goal is to make your lives easier so you can enjoy those happy moments. We know how it is, we're parents too. So we got your back.

What People Are Saying

I am enjoying my babypacs bottle (and so is my son). It keeps the hot drinks hot and the cold drinks cold. Who can ask for anything more? And it is pretty too!

Nancy S.

It's a lifesaver. I hate trying to figure out how to warm up the milk in public. It's pretty & functional. 

Jessica T.

Now I'm fully equiped to go out with the kids. How come no one made this when I had my first child?

Jasmine B.

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